• ILLY

    At 2beans, we’re passionate about good coffee and the enjoyment it brings every single day. That’s why we’re proud to offer illy coffee, a company that shares in our passion for excellent flavor and sustainability.For more than eight decades, illy has been pioneering, innovating, and perfecting the processes that result in unrivaled coffee bean flavors. Sweet, floral, fruity, caramel, chocolate, almond, and honey. These are just a few of the flavors that illy’s coffees exude.The secret is in the blends. illy combines nine different Arabica beans directly purchased from farms across four continents. illy’s master blenders take great care in hand selecting beans to comprise each blend. Every two months after the beans are purchased, the coffee is re-tasted to ensure the original flavors are maintained. This occurs eight times before a bean batch officially joins a blend.We invite you to sit down at our espresso bar and talk with our trained baristas about finding the perfect blend for you. Enjoy an espresso shot, one of our signature lattes, or a simple cup of black coffee. No matter how you take it, we look forward to being part of your everyday coffee experience.