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The Arzilli’s family opened a laboratory, where a very young Sergio began to develop a passion for the art of patisserie and chocolate. A passion that then developed into his professional life: working with cacao and searching the best quality products.


Sergio Arzilli established the brand ‘La Perla di Torino’, which currently boasts a vast range of products based on chocolates and other dessert for special occasions. The name was coined after the creation of his first truffle: ‘La Perla Nera’.

Combining selected praline and roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont with a soft mixture of cacao creates this truffle. It combines the quality of the ingredients with the passion that characterises all of La Perla’s creations: ‘La Perla Bianca’ a white truffle without cacao and with selected Piedmont hazelnuts; the Gianduiotto Classico and the Fluido, which has a soft Gianduja filling that melts into your mouth. The panettoni and colombe cakes are also ranging from the oldest Italian tradition to more innovative taste: like La Perla Esotica (with exotic fruits), the Moro d’Alba (with cacao powder) and the Rubino (with red fruits).


‘La Perla’ aims to reinterpret the traditional flavours of Piedmont, like hazelnuts from Piedmont, with originality and innovation, a speciality which has been boosted by the work of Valentina Arzilli who joined her father in running the company.
In addi­tion to the quality of the ingredients, the hallmark of 'La Perla' is also the attention to the packaging of the products.In fact each product is hand wrapped, enhancing its sophistication and de­sign. The distribution of La Perla is also extremely selected and exclusive both nationally and internationally.

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