List of products by manufacturer LA CONDITORIA

Reto Schmid focuses on the development of the speciality line with great passion and enthusiasm. He also created a fruit jam line in addition to the famous Graubünden specialities.
But he did not stop at the fruit spreads, Reto Schmid also launched the “Schmidella” line, a tasty chocolate spread.
The quality competition was particularly important to Reto Schmid because he wanted to compare his specialities with other products and have them reviewed by an expert jury. His specialities did indeed succeed in the quality comparison and are among the top ranked products from the canton of Graubünden.
That is how the business won the official title of “Swiss Bakery Trophy Graubünden Champion 2012” at the Swiss Bakery Trophy 2012. Reto Schmid and his team are especially proud to be marked out as the best bakery in the canton.
The promotion of young talent is also important. Because of his commitment to this cause, Reto Schmid was honoured 2nd place at the Swiss Trainer of the Year awards 2014.
Now we are witness to the crowning glory of his awards to date. Reto Schmid has won the «Bäckerkrone 2015» with his newly created food label «La Conditoria SEDRUN-SWITZERLAND®». This honour is awarded to bakers who demonstrate a wealth of ideas, innovation, professionalism and social responsibility. The «Bäckerkrone» is awarded by the Swiss Bakers Confiseurmeister Association (SBC) and by the Swiss Yeast Association (SHV).

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