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A number of years ago, the young Basel company Idilio Origins discovered that as with top-class wines, the “terroir”, that is to say the location in which the cocoa is cultivated, is crucial for the quality and distinctive flavour of the fruit.

Idilio became the first and only Swiss chocolate company to specialise in finding the best cocoa plantations, a distinction it retains to this day. Following the discovery of a promising “cocoa mountain” Idilio works hand-in-hand with the local farmers to nurture the precious cocoa, harvest it at the perfect moment, then ferment and gently dry it in the sun. The wealth of flavour in the cocoa evolves harmoniously in the chocolate during the production in Switzerland. The goal is the creation of dark “château” chocolates for connoisseurs.

Venezuela and Columbia were already renowned for outstanding Criollo cocoa back in the days of the Mayan civilisation. It is thought that the Criollo beans originated in the south of Venezuela. The simpler and more disease-resistant Forastero cocoa originated further to the south in the Amazon basin. From Venezuela, the Criollos spread through Columbia as far as Mexico. To this day, the cocoas with the highest proportions of Criollo genes are to be found in these countries. For this reason Idilio concentrates on the northern regions of South America in its hunt for single plantation gems.

Idilio stands for harmony with nature, the diversity of a mixed cultivation of tropical plants and fruits, the devoted care and harvesting of finest cocoa beans, their careful fermentation and sun-drying by small-scale enterprises. The Spanish word “idilio” signifies a short poem celebrating the romance of living at one with nature, a sweet experience, a small treasure.

Origins refers to the company philosophy of concentrating on selected single-origin and superior cocoa varieties, of working directly with the local producers and personally taking charge of the demanding transport of the cocoa beans from their place of origin to the Swiss chocolate production facilities.

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